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woensdag 10 februari 2016

1. Oldest garment

A chain bodice by Patrizia Pepe ; I've never worn it but it keeps moving with me from closet to closet. I don't know why I ever bought it - probably because it was on sale - it's special and unique but weighs a ton and is extremely cold on bare skin. 

2. Missing link

I know it sounds absurd but a tiny burgundy bag would complete my collection ; a mini square flap bag by Chanel maybe or something more edgy, think The Kooples or Zadig & Voltaire - forget black - it has to be burgundy or wine red. 

3. Regret purchase

My first Hermès bag was a cognac Kelly with silver hardware ; it looks very chic and posh but it's totally not me and I can't imagine why I did not opt for a tinier black swift leather one.
Every time I see a black model of the Kelly on social media I cry a little ; it looks so much better and timeless than my personal Queen Paola one, sitting in my closet, waiting for me to turn 87.

4. Never Repeat 

I'm not a hoarder and when I'm done with something i can easily sell it or give it away to friends or family.
Just like I did with those peep-toe Louboutin heels I got myself for the holidays a couple of years ago.
However, I discovered Loub's are not to walk in, they are made to please men and kill women's feet.
They were easily thrown out of my closet into a luxury second hand shop and sold right away. 
I bought a nice army jacket by Zadig & Voltaire instead !

A couple of months passed by before my husband, daughter and friends noticed I never wore those Louboutins.
Red faced and a bit ashamed I admitted selling off those high heeled treasures to trade it for a rugged army green jacket. 
Until today they still accuse me of betraying those shoes, being unfaithful to Mr Louboutin and not keeping them for my daughter, so she could grow into them.

I had to vow to never ever sell anything like that again without consulting my dear family.
Until today, I've kept my promise. 

Of course this is not everything there's is to know about me ; maybe following my Instagram account gives a clearer view on what I'm doing, my work, my studies in between and what I wear.

Although there are many accounts on 'how real' IG-pictures are - I'd like to try and post my mood and feelings based on IRL happenings.
If the pictures are a bit more obscure, that's probably how I would feel that day. If an image is light and bright, I'm feeling pretty relaxed or even happy.
I'm trying to integrate my life and interweave feelings in all of my images ; sometimes nostalgic, even melancholic, sometimes happy and sunny. 

Whatever the mood of the day is, I'm doing my best to picture it in it's most pure and beautiful form. 

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