How to create the perfect eyebrow

donderdag 18 februari 2016

1. Shape 

First brush your eyebrows upwards and cut hairs that are too long off with eyebrow scissors. Then at the bottom, remove hairs where necessary, on the basis of the natural shape of your eyebrow.


2. Define

Start with defining your eyebrows with pulling a line along your lower eyebrow hairs. You do this again for the upper eyebrow hairs. It accentuates the shape of your eyebrows.

benefits cosmetics

3. Fill

You can fill your eyebrows using a pencil, powder or gel in a color, matching your own eyebrow color.


4. Fix it

Finally, you can always set your eyebrows with a transparent fixing gel. This ensures that your eyebrows, at the end of a busy day, are still perfect.


The products shown in this blogpost are my personal favorite brands to work on my eyebrows. Of course, many other labels offer a great selection too but these work just fine for my kind of eyebrow.

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