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dinsdag 23 februari 2016

1. Linda Tol wearing N-Duo - 2. Checkered blouse by Roseanna - 3. Miu Miu - 4. HM

Sometimes you are buying pieces and after a while you discover there's a chord why you bought these clothes so easily.
I've been a fan of frills and ruches from a very young age, think somewhere in the early 80-ies, when a young future princess appeared in the public eye. Diana was shy and so was her style back then. No d├ęcolletage or frivolity ; high neck ruffles with a victorian hint to it. 
Circa 1981-1982, this young woman made us copy her hair and blouses. The style was demure and gallant, typical for ladies of her noble status. 

Nowadays, you just can't imagine a lady Mary Charteris, the Duchess of Cambridge or Queen Maxima seen dressed like this. Fashion has become more audacious and accessible, even to royals, often trying to add something personal, fashion wise, when they appear in public. Don't forget pictures are seen much quicker today and public opinion is written, shared and read in a split second.
Even 'la noblesse' wants to be on trend.

So what's up with this particular frilly style, that it emerges again from the archives like for example, Marks & Spencer's, Miu Miu or HM ?
Does somebody like Alexa Chung make this style look edgy ? 
I guess it does .. when you see how she matches it with her typical Alexa-schwung, it's very hard not to like it ; just like Diana in the 80-ies - who became queen of fashion after all - it's feminine, sweet and adds a bit of mystery. Often found in white or cream colors ; bright in sky blue striped versions or checkered for a more interesting look. 

Personally, I can't wait for N-Duo's green and white blouse (seen on Linda Tol above) for the upcoming season or the #archivebyAlexa collection, ready to launch in April. 
I admit I own a lot of frilly blouses, from Dolce & Gabbana to HM, from Vanessa Bruno to Zara, purchased over the last years and hanging in my closet, preserved adoringly. 

So don't shoot me, for loving this particular garment and buying it on a repetitive base ; if somebody like it-girl Alexa loves it, I'm not so far off I guess. 

Do you buy particular items on a repeatedly ? And why so ?
Let me know in the comments.

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