Still on the hunt for those last holiday essentials : found these fab tan wedges from New Look.
Actually was looking for similar ones in black but then again, once your feet are tanned and look awesome, a tan shoe might just be the right one to elongate your legs, right ?
Normally, I'm not a wedge fan - the type Kate Middleton wears are horrid - but these ooze Parisian chic and have an A.P.C feel to them but with a nicer price tag.
I know I won't be wearing these at home once I get back- so I'm not keen on spending too much money on high class brand shoes. 
I'm the fortunate kind of woman who's letting people assume I'm always wearing expensive stuff - I'm just a clever mixer of cheap and high end .. as long as it's confusing people .. haha
Also ordered this statement T for tomorrow night ; our Red Devils team did extremely well during these past few weeks and being a big fan myself, I just could not resist making an effort and ordering this O'rèn top. Hoping they will kick some ass and send the Wales team home tomorrow. 


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