Summer Outfit part 1.0

vrijdag 24 juni 2016

Hi you guys ! Final days of June are approaching and I'm about to get ready for my Summer holiday.
This year I wanted to make sure to be prepared like never before to get those cute outfits in my suitcase before you know it.

I've always been a bad holiday packer as I always wanted to extend my usual-at-home style on holiday ; now, it's not very practical to find black, greys and minimalistic items for your Summer style and by that I mean, sweaters, cashmeres and skinny black jeans. Way too hot.
So this year, I made a not to self to start on time, getting those super fun t-shirts, loose shirt jackets and shorts, into a special part of my walk-in-closet. I call it the beach-only part of my closet so I know exactly where to find my stuff once I get the suitcases out.

As I'm headed for Italy and Ibiza, I wanted to make sure my outfit choices could blend perfectly into both countries and it's style so I would not have to split up anything between them.
Let me get through a small part of my fave finds seen in the picture :

1. kimono/blouse/jackets with cute prints
2. bikini tops {as a replacement for a bra}
3. shorts, cotton or jean
4. flower headbands for minimalistic hair maintenance {they match messy beach waves perfectly}
5. shoes {on my shop list for Italy*}
6. ethnic bags or cotton shoppers with statement quotes
7. sunglasses {of course}
8. shoes {again, on my shop list for Italy}**

* and ** because I want to buy Gucci shoes in the land of origin, don't ask why but it just feels right.
On top of that, every time I will look at those shoes, they will remind me of a fabulous time. I'm pretty sure I will live these next couple of weeks in my flip-flops and sandals ; I already stashed those weeks ago ! 

What are your essentials for Summer ? Any good tips for me ? Leave a note in the comments ! 

note : all items can be found at HM or Zara, except for the Gucci shoes

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