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maandag 27 juni 2016

This Summer I will be married to my husband for 10 years ; I thought it was a nice opportunity to make this event extra festive as we will be in Ibiza at that time .. 
What place is better to renew some vows and make a nice celebration on the beach, boho style ?
I did not want to purchase a real-wedding-dress but something light and airy, a touch of lace and maybe a flower headband as Ibiza might seem to be the perfect spot to wear such accessories.

Boho style is really beautiful and although I would never wear these kind of dresses at home, I've been on the hunt for a dress like this for some time. Don't you just love the lacy sleeves seen in the pictures above ? Asos have some really nice collections to choose from ; just type boho and dresses in the search bar and loads of beautiful white and nude dresses appear on your tablet or computer.
I've ordered this lovely frock (second picture) and hope to wear it this Summer for the occasion. Stay tuned to witness some great pictures afterwards.

click to buy dress here 

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