Halloween make up not wasted

donderdag 20 oktober 2016

I am currently working a lot in the studio so make up and styling is very important to have a perfect final result ; my images and those of my fellow colleagues need to be perfect in the end.
As Halloween is approaching I was thinking to buy some darker hues for lips and contouring as this could be a perfect subject for our next assignment .. dramatic photography with a resplendant touch.
The role Carice van Houten is playing in Game of Thrones might just be the perfect example of what I am thinking about. We might just use the newest products by MAC and (newcomer in Antwerp) 

I've had very nice results myself with their compact creme powder ; it's light and does not look caked like some other brands do. My trick is to apply it with a wet sponge : better to put it on layer by layer, not creating a brickwork of make up that looks too much and greasy.
Cheekbones can be accentuated naturally with MAC's studio fix perfecting stick ; oh yes I know, it's actually a concealer but comes very close to their previous contouring creme which is not available anymore in the Antwerp store.
Again, I'm applying this in a modest manner ; it's better to use it carefully than OTT.
My current compact foundation is by Wycon, as I told you guys already above ; my skin is still a bit tanned from the holidays, that's why I pick the 02 NATURALE for my complexion.

Lips are accentuated with the newest Wycon set n° 12 KIMONO KISSES and it's matching lipgloss N° 12 HOT & KISSES. This particular lipgloss/stick shows a golden shine once it's dry. Very spectacular I must say. For a more demure dark red lip, I advise you choose MAC's HE SAID - SHE SAID for lining and filling up your lips. Personally I mix it with my Golden Vintage Art Deco lips (the Dita von Teese set) n° 36.  This is as close to perfection a lipstick can get !

So while you're still thinking what to wear for Halloween, stack up your lipsticks and compact cremes today ; there are a million tutorials online on 'how to' apply this or that make-up.
I'm pretty sure series like Game of Thrones will provide you with lots of ideas for October 31st !

set n°12 by Wycon

compact foundation 02 natural by Wycon

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