You MAY never have to worry about too many sneakers

zondag 2 oktober 2016

loving these babies ; click here to purchase online
photo credit Golden Goose

Although sneakers may be on their way back to be overthrown by heels again, I just can't let go of yet another crazy cool pair by Golden Goose. I get it that we've seen too many Stan Smith sneakers by now so why just not go out for a quest of a more original model and colors.

When you see too much of the same thing it's just not alluring anymore and no one wants to feel like a sheep in the herd or even worse, a late bloomer when the biggest hype is already over.
I had the same feeling with the Made by Bernadette cardigans or the Lewis & Melly sweaters with the sparkly sleeves at a certain point. Also, when 13 year old girls want to dress up like adults in oversized cardigans and Stan Smith's, that's the deal breaker for me.

But anyways, I've just ordered these pretty metallic babies for this season ; can't wait for the UPS guy to deliver the box !

photo credit : Golden Goose website
Model wearing the MAY sneakers 
The picture above shows the sneakers on a complete outfit ; totally loving the styling. I could really see me wearing it just like this example. Plus, don't you just LOVE that tiny star bag ?
A friend of mine has the larger black one and I'm besotted by her bag ; just can't remember when I had a large and heavy tote on my arm ! Small (cross body) bags rule ! 

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