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donderdag 29 september 2016

close up of my first Fall outfit for September

The latest hype ; a statement sweater by Champion. As I already own so many grey sweaters and hoodies, I did not hesitate purchasing this particular jumper in black. I've always had a fondness of mixing night blues with black .. makes it somehow looks more 
chic and less boring.

My bomber looks a lot like the one my husband has from ACNE, minus the exuberant price tag. And Other Stories have a great selection in bombers ; nudes, black or navy .. all great basic hues are available at a reasonable price. The quality is really great and doesn't look tacky or cheap like some other high street brands using plain satin fabric. 

sweater Champion at Renaissance (or online)
bag APC
t shirt Isabel Marant ├ętoile 

Isabel Marant t shirt can be found at Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp

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