The Kooples .. finally !

maandag 19 augustus 2013

Hopland, Antwerpen (B)

Always fun to rediscover your own town after a Summer break abroad ; somehow, new shops and new collections rise up and I'm particulary thrilled to see The Kooples finally will land in Antwerpen.
I've loved this label for the longest time and only had the chance in buying their goods offline in Lille or Paris. Of course they have their online store but I still get more kicks out of feeling and trying on their collection IRL.
On top of that, don't they have the coolest ads ever ?
They manage to find the hottest couples to pose for them ; already saw this image on their website and this one really represents what The Kooples stands for.
Rock 'n Roll chic with that 'je ne said quoi' air only seen in Parisian streetstyle .. a modern version of Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin.

Can't wait for this walhalla of coolness to open very soon !

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