Easy dressing after surgery : a message of awareness

donderdag 22 augustus 2013

As you might have noticed if you watched my Instagram shots, I've been down and out for a couple of days. I had this operation planned a couple of weeks before my Summer break : best idea ever to make that decision. You're less stressed, your state of mind is better prepared ; all together you must work out what's best for you when life changing things happen such as surgery.

I want to make women aware on the importance of regular check ups and visits to specialised doctors. When genetic circumstances are a caution to have regular examinations ; do it ! From my own experience I can tell it's better to be safe than sorry. My mother passed away in 2001 from ovarian cancer and ever since that horrible experience of losing my mom at such a young age, I've convinced myself to be more aware of my own body, to listen to it and have 6 months' check ups from that moment on.
After almost 12 years my gynaecologist and I decided to remove my left ovary as it had shown an abnormity. I can tell you now I'm overjoyed the result came back as benign and am recovering well from my operation.

Just like Angelina Jolie did a couple of months ago, all I want to say is that you as a person are very important to the people you love and I'm pretty sure when you have a daughter of your own, you wouldn't want but the best for her. Being there for her, as a mother as long as you can, and giving her as much information about genetic conditions that might lead to cancer. What Angelina did was so brave and amazing for all women around the world to make them aware you don't need to be afraid to be precautious and preventive.

If you have any questions about this subject, please feel free to ask or share your thoughts.

PS I did only loose an ovary, not my femininity nor my dress sense. I'm wearing a loose Isabel Marant dress today, Chanel ballet flats and bangles in my ears, so you know ..

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