Diana & Naomi

vrijdag 30 augustus 2013

Having  been a fan for more than a decade, you might think I would look forward to this Diana movie coming out soon. Honestly, I can't tell if I really want to see it at all. Who is actually waiting for this kind of movie ? True fans all over the world accentuate to let Diana rest in peace. And I couldn't agree more.
Sure, I have watched the trailer ..
Naomi Watts seems like a very nice person in real life, being a very dedicated mom to her sons and husband. Somehow, I can't see the resemblance between her and the Princess. Except for the signature blond hairstyle, they have nothing in common.
I wonder if the movie will be a hit or not. Time will tell.
Everything Diana touched, turned into gold. But are we still interested in this fairytale princess who's life was more doom and gloom than anything else ?

I might visit the spot in Paris over and over ; maybe place a rose on the golden flame statue, near the tunnel wear Diana's life ended so abruptly .. but watch a movie based on hearsay .. I don't think so.

I rather focus on the future, watch a true happy couple such as William and Kate and their newborn babyson George. Kate seems more real to me and as she watched the drama from the sidelines and later on, knowing what really happened from the closest of sources, her husband, she will protect her privacy by all means.
We don't need to know private matters of a person who paid her way to eternal glory with her own life.

As we come closer to August 31st, all I want for Diana to leave her in peace.

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