The art of being Kevin Ricciolini ; cook, husband, Italiano, dreamer ..

woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Kevin Ricciolini, owner of restaurant De Mosselbeurs in Ostend 

What's your current obsession ?
Lady Gaga

What is your horoscope and do you relate ?
The first sign of the zodiac, Aries & the first in line to get things going. :) I don't really believe in it, but there are some related facts. 

What are you wearing today ?
Comfy clothes: Nike sneakers, Grey Jack & Jones sweater, blue jeans. 

What's the last thing you bought ?

Chocolates from the Chocolate Line, A jeans shirt from Zara. 

What's for dinner ?
  Tonight probably lasagna

What's your favourite decade, fashion wise ?
I like fashion nowadays...especially for men ; they can afford wearing a scarf, bag or a pair of Louboutins without being critized.

What are your fashion must haves for Fall ?
a plaid lumberjack shirt in a velvet fabric !

What would you be able to afford ? 
A toy poodle !!

What's your favourite piece of clothing from your wardrobe ?
so many! my oversized scarf from H&M, black leather jacket and a flower sweater. 

What's your dream job ?
Popstar ;)

What's your favourite book ? Or what book is on your nightstand as we speak ?
Steve Jobs, the biography.

What do you consider a fashion faux pas ?
socks in sandals !

Describe your personal style ?
umh, with a little bit of badass.

Which is your favourite Rolling Stone  ?
Rolling stone's? Who are they? 

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  1. Nice to learn more about you!
    Today new post, Havana, don´t miss it!
    Kisses from Spain, Kela

    1. It's not me darling, It's a small interview with someone ..

  2. totally like it! XOXO

  3. Nice post! Thank you for your sweet comment dear. Let me know if you want to follow each other to stay in touch. Have a great day :)

  4. Thank you for your comment and follow dear! I'm following you back on bloglovin. Have a great day!


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