Finally, chocolatier house Mary opened it's 1st store in my hometown last Saturday.
Here's some additional information about Mary (Marie) and her chocolate delights .. 

° 1919 and chocolate-loving Mary Delluc was keen to spread the word about her creations. 
° Mary made a wise choice, as the King travelled along the Rue Royale (1st location of her shop) every day and it was in the middle of a walk that was very popular with nobles and bourgeois people hoping to meet royal personages.
° Keeping a sharp lookout Mary made a list everyone’s favourite chocolates and kept this in a guestbook.
° Highly sophisticated, hand-crafted chocolate boxes, often covered with plain silk or painted, available in all shapes and sizes.
The windows have not been forgotten either, as they too may be considered as real works of art: layouts carefully adapted to the seasons, invariably offering different themes, as the months go by.
° Mary Chocolatier enjoyed an enviable reputation
° Other Mary shops opened, in the Rampe de Flandre, Ostend, Avenue de Littoral, Zoute, and, 46 Rue du Faubourg Saint–Honoré, Paris.
° Supplier of the most coveted Belgian and French customers.
° Mary Delluc, never got married
° Purveyor to the Royal House of Belgium.

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