the week seen in Instagram : garage sale finds and channeling my inner Liz Taylor

zondag 13 oktober 2013

the week a Nobel prize was given to François Englert, 
a Belgian theoretical physicist - 
Our football team The Red Devils are on their way to Brasil for the World Cup 2014 after winning against Kroatia - 
Orgasms were shown on Lars von Triers' Nymphomaniac movie pictures - Vogue celebrated 20 years of Victor and Rolf - 
Fall really hit us this week - I discovered this book Wheat Belly by Wiliam Davis, on how bad wheat and gluten are for you 
(true, after I ditched bread and it's carbs I almost lost 2 dress sizes !)

Personally, I was very happy to turn my 1€ garage sale find (perrot) into a nice scenery with colour co-ordinated candy - tried some of my Ciaté nailpolish and hologram leaflets - got this amazing grey wintercoat at Cos and found myself doing an Elizabeth Taylor - a like pose on Instagram (big hair, red lips and big bling) ! 
And how was your week ? 

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6 opmerkingen :

  1. Your nails look fantastic :)
    I will follow you now!!

  2. very cool blog! what do you think about following each other (facebook/Bloglovin) ?

  3. very nice pics! have a fun week! xx, alma

  4. Pretty cool sweatshirt you are wearing in the first pic!!! Like your blog!!! now i follow you ;)

    Gabriela Rose



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