A 'Prity' office look ..

vrijdag 18 oktober 2013

shoes River Island (currently on sale, yay !)
bag By Malene Birger
scarf Diane von Furstenberg
jacket tibi.com (similar ones can be found at all high street stores)

Got a friendly message in my mailbox this morning. A friend and former co-worker of mine said she found this amazing red dress but did not know how to team it for a perfect office look.
Red dresses are fierce and inviting, even more so when they have a v-neck.
So my first concern was 'how do we cover up her modesty' in a chic way without turning it into a dull look.
Hence a funky jacket or blazer and a multi coloured scarf in a fine fabric, a wool and silk mixture, so she can leave the scarf around her neck without getting overheated.
Cover up legs with some nice stockings in a non itchy wool (H&M have great ones with some ultra soft fleece inside) and add some block heels to give you a nice posture and height without sending out an unwanted message. Keep stilettos for your date night out !
Add a large bag for your papers and stuff and add a mini bag if you are going out later on that evening.
Easy to grab your essentials in one pick ; no need to drag your work with you when you're going out for drinks.

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