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woensdag 20 november 2013

iFoi by food photographer Tony Le Duc

Did you see those foodie pictures Martha Stewart posted on her Twitter account ?
Those pictures are just horrible ; someone described them as 'food you'll get in prison'.
Or .. grey is not a colour to be seen in food!

You can't have it all now can you ? Domestic goddess Martha may be the queen of DIY and Christmas decorating but food photography, that is something of another league.
A week ago I was lucky to attend a lecture by Tony Le Duc ; he's a master in showing food in it's most pure form. He plays with structure and texture and knows exactly how to play with light and exposure. Something I know a little bit about as I was a lighting consultant in another life. Bread needs a totally different lighting approach than meat to name something .. Meat must be bloodred, fresh and winsome for the eyes to see. The eyes see and forward a message to our brain this looks good ! 
Hence the feeling of a grunting stomach and so the hunger game starts.

Currently an expo of Tony's work is running ; Hungry Eyes is a must-see !
Check out his website to watch a short movie and some pictures through 25 years of work.

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