The week seen in Instagram : Paris windows, Chanel and boots named Susanna

vrijdag 1 november 2013

Clockwise ; Dior window display made with lipsticks - DVF bag and my brand new Chloe boots - Chanel HQ entrance at Rue Cambon - Chanel nailpolish black satin - ACNE sweatshirt 

I've spent most of this past week in Paris. Just a 3 hour drive from my home and I'm in the city that is overflown by class and good style.
Have to admit, the lack of carrier cycling and the 'fashion' style that goes with it, made me feel very happy. It's just that my hometown is overcrowded by these women that seem to think this untidy look makes them beautiful. Really, is effortless minimalism totally lost to Antwerp ladies (Flanders) ?
Does it take me days before I finally find someone who's properly dressed to take a picture of ? 
I guess so and I'm finding it regrettable. My personal opinion.

So I don't need to tell you I was besotted by all these girls, women and grande dames that have this 
je ne sais quoi about them and the secret in dressing and tailoring.
It must be something that is given onto each next generation in Paris.

Who do you think are the best dressed ? 

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