The art of being Lien Degol : woman, works as a stylist, mother of Wolf, author

woensdag 13 november 2013

Lien Degol, stylist and author

I met Lien a couple of days ago offline at the
Boekenbeurs in Antwerpen.
She's a stylist known from several tv shows on Belgian television and author of 2 books.
 She was so kind to fill out a couple of questions.
Here are her answers. 

What is your horoscope and do you relate ? 
Balance. I'm creative and faithful (I think)
I never have any doubts about anything.

What are you wearing today ?
LBD, opaque tights, AF Vandervorst boots and a black patent Longschamp handbag

What's the last thing you bought ?
A second hand green Mulberry bag

What's for dinner ?
Thai food

What's your favourite decade, fashion wise ?
The 50-ies, an era of timeless elegance

Who would yo like to (re)style ?
Angela Merkel

What would you be able to afford ? 
to be able to have a 12 month vacation

What's your favourite piece of clothing from your wardrobe ? 
My parka and Converse sneakers, worn together

What book's on your night stand ?
The world according to Karl

Describe your personal style ?
minimalistic and tough

Best kept secret ?
I'm not telling :-)

Who is your favourite Beatle ? 

What are you most proud of ? 
my son, Wolf

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