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donderdag 21 november 2013

Last night, my friend Nathalie wore the most beautiful knitted jacket I've ever seen.
Am searching for something like this for ages, but somehow the colour wasn't right or the model did not do it for me.
When Nathalie entered the room I was in complete 'aaahhwe' over her outfit.
I hung onto her sleeve for the rest of the evening :-)
So comfy. 
Being both fashion addicted and me being a keen knitter myself, she let me into her little mohair secret.
The jacket is handmade by a lady who works from home ; she went to Brussels' based ICON store and asked if they were interested in selling them. 
And so Made by Bernadette became an instant hit.

Order your mohair knit jacket here 

7 opmerkingen :

  1. great sweater! it looks so warm and great for the winter, super cute!
    Carina Hsieh

  2. that's a very pretty cardi! ;) love knits...xx, Alma

  3. Eliza posted this through my contactform ; thanks Lizzy !

    beautiful knit, color is just stunning! perfect for London cold weather. brrr brrrrr


  4. perfect cardigan for winter! love it <3

    kisses Violet

  5. Where can I buy this cardigan? It looks so cute!

    1. For the time being, only in Belgium in selected stores and there is a waiting list for this 499€ handmade jacket ; check these stores out :


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