10 days til Christmas today ; makes you think the world will finally end up a better place.
Lots of charities do the best to make the most for the less fortunate among us. So let's not just think about our personal wish list (by that, I mean the material one ..) but actually DO/ACT to make it happen.
Of course, a girl may always dream and wish for some pretty stuff too. I'm hoping to find that perfect blush pink bag next season - oh how I love that mini Brilliant by Delvaux - and some dashing Prada heels ! I can see myself totally strutting my stuff towards that new Martini place in town.
Also am very happy to have found that exquisite olive oil bottle I saw at Wout Bru's restaurant LO the other week. Ordered it straight away and hope it will be here on time to embellish my Christmas brunch table.

Martini Bar, Scheldestraat 11 Antwerpen 
Olive oil bottle by Château d'Estoublon
Shoes Prada
bag Brilliant by Delvaux 

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  1. As usual phenomenal post! You are a champion!
    I can see that you love what you are doing!
    Thanks for posting! I love you :-*

    Let’s Swap Postcards!

    Katherine Unique

  2. lovely inspiration!

  3. Hi,

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