Share your Sparkle (part deux)

donderdag 19 december 2013

 The trend of socks in sandals or heels has been around for a while and I must admit, the more I see fashionista's are being photographed in them on various blogs, the more I like it.
In fact, don't you think it's a fabulous way to extend Summer shoes fashion into a colder season ?
Of course you can't just use your worn out daily base socks ; they need some sparkle or precious ajour pattern to show off.
COS has some great colours in silk, wool and lurex.
And for a very reasonable price. 
Would you wear this ? Or is this just a fashion no-no for you ?

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  1. great post!

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  2. ohhh coolness!!! i've never tried this look yet, but when i see it on other people i love it! :) xox

  3. Love everything what is sparkling <3

  4. I prefer to not wear socks under sandals. But what you have done is really cute!

    Defining Me

  5. I don't like at all! I prefer a beautiful stilettos without tights for me is more fashionable and chic.
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  6. I dont like the look , I am sure looks great on you :)

  7. Thanks Babe,

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    Happy Holidays


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