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maandag 2 december 2013


the window displays these days are festive and bright ; my personal favourite at this point is the one from the Dries van Noten Antwerp store.
I saw it when I drove past it last Friday and it's beyond beautiful ; inspired by The Great Gatsby and a touch of burlesque ; Dita von Teese would be mesmerized !
I had to go back today and shoot some pics ; but I will return because the best is not even visible here.
So stay tuned for an update any day soon.

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  1. Wat een mooie foto's! Hele gave items. Jammer dat je er niets bij geschreven hebt, zie ik nu vintage items of nieuwe? :)

    1. hey Marion,

      het zijn nieuwe stukken van Dries van Noten, AW 2013 collectie en het zijn artikels gezien in de feest etalage van de winkel in Antwerpen. Ik probeer er nog een filmpje bij te maken deze week .. de opstelling gewoon prachtig !!

  2. Wow! Such a glamorous and chic selection!!!!!
    Realy inspiring, like it a lot :)
    I share this post with much pleasure, its fantástic!

  3. love it!!!very glam!! love the bags;o))

    please check my new post- hope u like it


  4. got this little message through my contact form :

    so stunning! Xse

  5. Wow! amazing pictures!
    every pic is different and unique!
    lovely collection................<3

  6. It looks like they have some gorgeous pieces :) xx


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