Me GUSTA la cena, me gustas tú

dinsdag 10 december 2013

Remember that Manu Chao song ? Gusta means love and this is what Inez De Rijcker wants to share. Share the love for good food for people who have health issues with certain substances in our daily food. She's the first to open a shop that provides all kinds of these specific products in 1 space.
Speaking from her own experience {she had to run errands in 3 shops to get a complete meal}, Inez saw the opportunity in opening a shop herself that offers a complete range and give people a 1 stop place to buy all they need for the week to come. 

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and visit her store offline {she sells amazing chocolate too !}
Montignystraat 25, 2000 Antwerpen

4 opmerkingen :

  1. Those pictures look delicious! What about we follow each other?

    Love, M.

  2. Lovely blog my dear ! Yummy food !! Would you like to follow each other :) xx

  3. Aww what a cute store! Love it! ♥♥♥


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