beetroot and other Winter warm food

zondag 19 januari 2014

You all might know Sophie Dahl as a model, wife of Jamie Cullum and granddaughter of famous writer Roald Dahl, but she also wrote some fantastic cookbooks. 
I made a recipe from her Voloptuous Delights book yesterday. 
Don't you just these beetroot and rich red colours nature provides us ? 
Have to say that warm Winter salad was really good ! It accompagnied a roast beef we marinated for 6 hours in a red wine & herb marinade, before we cooked it in our oven .. so delicious ! 

sophie dahl

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  1. Woooooow that looks delicious! And she's so pretty!



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  2. Wow!
    This looks pretty yummy :D I'm going to make a beetroat salad tonight!



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