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dinsdag 7 januari 2014

Showing you my #ootd or style du jour today.
I really like wearing scarfs and hats but have to admit it's like Spring outside .. not really temperatures you would expect in January.

Also a special attention for my sweatshirt of the day ; it looks very similar to my ACNE oversized sweater but is easier to team with a narrow sleeved coat. 
Those ACNE sleeves are HUGE !
Can't wear it with a any decent coat (not even my oversized one) so this is a good plan B sweatshirt.

I am wearing (top down)

13 opmerkingen :

  1. Great pictures. Love your scarf :)

  2. nice scarf!
    daniella romani

  3. AW how great is that!! love it :) i'm a huge comic fan and this is perfect :)

  4. Love the scarf and the coat :)
    Looks great and comfy :)

  5. cute, lovely pics! :)

  6. ohh your scarf is <3

  7. totally loving the scarf!!!! is gorgeous! ;) xx, alma


  8. Wow, I love your ring! I have a cartoon-y key chain which looks almost the same, but I'm such a ring person, so this one was right up my alley. I wish you a fun weekend!

  9. Lovely outfit =)

  10. Looooove this sweater!


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