Occupational Blush Therapy & a bar with a good name

vrijdag 10 januari 2014

I am working on a lace knit scarf or ajour knit as we call it here.
I chose blush because a) this is going to be the #1 colour this year b) it makes my DIY scarf look chic and pretty c) works for all seasons.
I got my inspiration from Tumblr pictures and noticed that blush or pink coats are hot !
Don't you just love these coats ? Alexa looks so beautiful in that trench coat (love her glasses too)
While I am at it, my cat Mr Jingles keeps me company ; so peaceful and cosy.

Today I also discovered a great place ; had to run into town to post a package (some knits are custom made for friends and their friends and fans of my knit work, so I occasionally make them if I'm in a good mood) and bumped into this fa├žade of a bar called .. oh yes .. Cocktails at Nine ! 
How cool is that ? If I ever get like a zillion followers, I should seriously consider this venue to host my party .. :-)

have a great weekend !

photos found on Tumblr ; knit, cat and door are my own pics

5 opmerkingen :

  1. Ik zat er aan te denken om ook weer een sjaal te breien, eerst eens een leuk kleurtje vinden :) Wat een mooie foto met je kat!

  2. very nice inspo pics!!! xx, Alma

  3. Great pics :)
    Love the post



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