Laurentine & her doggie Lilou

Today was a good day ; the weather was horrid but "rainy hair, we don't care", nothing could stop us going the grand opening of Clouds of Fashion in the Nationalestraat !! Whoa !!
Laurentine has really upgraded from a cute but tiny store to a very grown up fashion walhalla ! 

My daughter India was lucky to have a day off school, so we scheduled a shopping spree at noon at the new COF store !! She choose a cute little black shoulder bag and a palmy Summer top {weather forecast predicts 15°C next week) and mama got herself a cute silver BFF bracelet to match her Isabel Marant watch. 

Spoiled and happy we went home, coveting our newest pink COF shopping bag and freebies ! 

We wish all the best for Laurentine and her team in the new store {careful Lilou does not want to jump ship again} ;-)

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