Decided to have my work breakfast at this new place this morning ; Vascobelo is a new concept by Isabel Miquel Arques.
Known for her art photography and pure images, Isabel has tranformed this space into a beautiful venue for breakfast, lunch or a meeting.
Upstairs, spaces can be hired for a day ; I just love this clean setting and vibe. 

Vascobelo is also stands for a coffee brand ; tasting events and workshops can help you discover this label.
I really want to do a barista workshop in the near future. 
Barista's are for me THE coolest people on earth ; not that I want to add some cool to my personality but I'd like to add this to my backpack of skills and show off some barista art to my friends and family. Being a coffee addict and lover, this just needs to happen ! 

You can visit Vascobelo V-bar yourself ; click here for maps and more information.

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