Today I want to focus on Belgian jewelry brand, Diamanti per Tutti.
Sofie Valkiers was the first blogger to put the spotlight on DPT and the first to design a collab collection for them. I've always loved their minimalistic, pure design and the ability to make diamonds accessible for everybody. 

DPT also worked with pink gold from the start, something I've always appreciated. Gold is a tone that does not compliment any skin type nor does white gold, so brass tones are a welcome solution for the fair skinned ; it's slightly warmer and more modern too and perfect for any time of day. 

In the picture you see my very own 'circle of life' ring, made in pink gold, of course ..
I'd like to add another addition to it but am not sure yet what to pick. 
Maybe models Endless Diamond or Diamond moon would look great together.

Meanwhile, you can check the website yourself and discover all of their beautiful jewels and other collaborations such as the latest one with Stéphanie Duval.
Absolutely love her geometric Origami hairpin {originally designed for her own wedding}

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