I'm on the hunt for a new hairdresser ; sadly, my current one is calling it a day and stops her salon at the end of this month. I wasn't very pleased but am wishing her all the best for the future, her plans and new pregnancy.

A good hairdresser is sometimes a long life quest ; some of us are happy to find one and stay loyal all their life, some of us have bad luck and still did not meet that person you would trust your hair too, even more with scissors ! 

So this morning, I'm 'testing' Difference, a salon located in the centre of old Antwerp.
I've explained what happened {losing my hairdresser 3 months before a wedding}
and said what I wanted, so I can now hope for the best and hope to find myself on here again with praise and halleluja ! And eternal fame of course. 

So stay tuned for an updated later on.

photo credit ; d-reamsneverfade.tumblr.com teamed with my personal message via Photoshop

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