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zondag 14 juni 2015

As a 40-something woman, facial care needs to be more specific and refined.
Although being a big Sisley fan, I've finally allowed myself to indulge in some more opulent
brands like La Mer.

The first visible aging signs of being a +40 woman, are the eyes, so I decided to take care of that zone first. I headed to my favorite perfumery yesterday {Parfuma} and submerged myself into the world of eye care, creams and serums.

The options ; a more firmly and intense cream or/and a illuminating gel to decrease puffy eyes and any dark circles.
Have to admit I got both of them because Patrick of Parfuma suggested the gel could be easily used during the day, when we all suffer the 4 o' clock dip, to avoid puffiness and need refresh our make-up at some point. 
He referred to it as the key item to hold in your handbag when in need of a simple touch up or 'rescue'  applier.
The intense eye balm can be used mornings or before hitting your pillow ; I decided to use it in the evening as a night care routine.

So, meet me in a couple of weeks time to share my thoughts on these auspicious products and it's promising facts. 

Next products to be tested : Orofluido hair care

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