Last Friday I booked a workshop on 'how to' apply make up the MUD-way. I have to say, I really picked up some good ideas and tricks of the trade to apply make-up for my style and age. 
As a 40-something woman, make-up needs to be applied with care and small details can really make a big difference. 
For instance, in my case, my lips are naturally full and my eyes are small. Esther showed me how to make them look brighter and bigger ..

The best thing about MUD products is they contain lots of pigment ; you actually need very few to cover your face, eyelids or lips. 
Compared to the amount of make-up I got caked on the other day*, my skin actually felt good and was still able to breathe and glow.

So if you're into personal advice and tricks on how to apply good make-up, then this workshop could be the best thing happening in 2015 in your personal beauty and skin care.
Available by appointment at the MUD stores in Antwerp and Ghent

Prices start from 49€

*my make up was applied by a MUA for a party a few weeks ago ; I looked like Joan Collins, but in a bad way. Not a good look

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