clockwise ; balloons seen at the entrance of a pop-up store - my latest South African wool #diy knit project - hairdresser appointment this week and this is the look I want (picture found on Pinterest) - marble 

These days, I share more often a daily inspirational picture on my {newest} Instagram  account rather than blog about it. Call me lazy or just a person with a super busy schedule. Making sure my lessons and homework for photography school are done in time, work on assignments and make appointments with potential clients, knit in between shoots, take care of my family and household ! Hell Yeah !
I'm taking a moment of your time to introduce you to my latest adapated Instagram account.  Adapted ? I here you guys thinking. Well, sort of. I created an extra account, more pured-out, simple and very few selfies. I mean, I how much selfies can one take ? Sure, if you're a beauty blogger I can related to selfies and millions of lipstick colors a person wants to show off but not for me.
I slowly feel lots of things start to get more untained and sheer. Light pictures, lots of whites and marbles, just 1 object that says more than a 1000 words and nothing more. Loving these kind of accounts in Instagram. That's why I wanted to start again with a clean slate ; no more badly taken pics  and crappy selfies ; just nice clean pictures and things that inspire me.

I'm leaving you guys with a small collage on here ; if we are not connected yet on IG, please take the time and do so. I promise to take a look into your account and who knows, I just might be your next loyal follower ..

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