geometrics & monochromes

zondag 19 april 2015

geometrics & monochromes

I was really looking forward to the HM S/S 2015 Conscience collection but wasn't able to check it out until yesterday (collection opened April 16th) ; especially the long dress in a linen/silk mix looked amazing when Olivia Wilde showed it in the teasers.

Have to admit, I even considered changing my final chosen nude dress for the upcoming wedding in June for this one, if it proved to be amazing and perfect for me. But when I saw it hanging in the shop it gave me a feeling of unease. The fabric is quite heavy and not as fluid as the skirt in that same collection. It looked more like my grandma's curtains, sorry if I say so. Social media gave some clues as all fashionista's were raving about the skirt but said nothing on the dress, not even a hint.
Also, if all sizes are still available, 3 days after launching the collection, I guess it's just not a good piece and must be considered a no-no on your wish list, right ?

However, I did buy the scarf. So Mr C and I strolled around town, paying a visit to our fave shop, Renaissance and did a bit of retail therapy.
We found a great Kenzo shirt with tiny Eiffel towers for him and a fabulous loose fitting mohair jumper by ACNE. Perfect for my dark blue culottes as the jumper is navy blue too.
Hearing the comments and compliments when I came out of the dressing room to check it in the mirror - I'm pretty sure this was a far more better fashion decision than a dress that looked fab online but cr*p IRL.

Teamed it with a chambray shirt and Stan Smith's for a family reunion last night - put on some Bal d'Afrique scent by Byredo and hoppa, I was, yet again, ready to roll !

Have a great weekend !!

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