clockwise ; dress Asos - chain Diamanti per Tutti - Hair by Stijn Haircare - clutch Valentino  or  Sketch (where I bought mine)
- shoes Gianvito Rossi or Ironie (bought mine here)- wool Cowgirlblues at Julija Shop (Antwerpen)

Finally got to the point I've found everything for the upcoming wedding party in June.
So glad to know everything is hanging in my closet -  from here on - I can only enjoy, relax and look forward to June 6th. 

So, now I'm some sort of an expert in what to wear // not to wear as a wedding guest, I might share some tips in this following blogpost.

1. Once you get the invitation, find out what the couple desires as wedding guest attire. If the invite says "white tie", you should opt for a full-length ball gown in a neutral color such as brown or dark blue or black. Glam make up and jewelry are recommended.
"Black tie" however leaves you to choose between a cocktail dress or a full length ball gown. Again, opt for a neutral color such as black, blue or brown.
"Formal" or "Black Tie Optional" gives you the choice between a long dress, dressy suit or a cocktail dress in a neutral tone such as grey, blue or black. 

However, sometimes the wedding party or bride wants to work around a theme and color.
It's not crazy to ask her what she has in mind ; better to be prepared than showing up in something out of the question and wonder why you get ditched in all wedding photographs and get evil looks from mothers in law and BFF's of the bride !

Never EVER wear white ; exceptions made on this rule are by special request of the bride herself. I've heard of brides wearing pale pink or cloudy blue and even red. If the wedding party requests guests to wear black and white only, you can ditch the rule above. If you decide to wear white, make sure your dress doesn't look like a bridal gown. You don't want people to come up to you and congratulate you with your nuptials {if the bride finds out she will make sure you'll be branded a 'persona non grata'  for all weddings in the future} ; maybe a white dress combined with a black bolero or scarf are a good idea to express you are a guest and not the happy bride at the venue ! 

2. The dress shown above is my personal choice for the wedding in June. I opted for a soft fluent fabric, easy to wear (= comfortable), neutral, full-length, sexy but not too and with a hint of bohemian  to it. My hair will be partly braided and maybe have some extra bling like a tiny headband (I'm leaving my hair stylist to make that final decision). I just bought this long pink gold chain with geometrical hanger to break the neutral tone of the dress ; it might also add some of that boho style. It would not have the same effect with a short chain ; I really like the idea of the hanger dangling from left to right as I walk around.

3. My shoes are metallic bronze ; heels are 8,5 cm - that's about 3,3 inches high, just to make sure I can walk around in them all day long, even make some dance moves on the floor late at night.
The metallic is neutral too but dark enough to stand out ; nudes would not have worked here. Have to admit they look very festive and chic. I did my best to buy something festive, shoes with a hint of gold or copper, but demure enough so it doesn't upstage the bride and her sparkling gold Louboutins.

4. To add a bit of bling, I fell in love with this army green Valentino clutch ; the rhinestones make sure it will stand out and sparkle all night long ; the studs in the front hint that this is my bag as I'm fond of edgy details. Loving the fact I could wear this afterwards (it has a chain) for a night out or to make a simple outfit look a bit more special.

5. Finally, I will make my own knitted jacket in this amazing soft salmon mohair and silk. As the theme of the party will be pink and gold, it might add just something warm and unique to it all. There will be a rooftop party and even if it's June, chances are high it might be a bit chilly up there.
In Belgium we are never sure on what to except, weather wise. 

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