Nudes & Gold

maandag 6 april 2015

Nudes & Gold

Nudes & Gold : dress Asos - shoes Saint Laurent - bag Delvaux - bracelet Diamanti per Tutti - perfume Byredo

I finally found the perfect dress for an upcoming wedding in June. Took me so long to find the right color ; the search for the model I had in mind was way easier than I expected. It's just that I'm not into bright and heavy colors. Being a brunette, I could've easily made it myself not to hard to find hot pinks or bright neon dresses ; but every time I tried on such a bright colored frock, it felt like losing my identity, my safety net and so much more.

As I always try to stay true to myself, what I like and what I'm wearing, the hunt went on for the longest of times. Surely, there had to be at least 1 dress suitable for the occasion.

Trying to be as respectful as possible towards the bride, I listened carefully to all of her wished and color tones she would like to see on her wedding ; I was really freaking out, finding but this heavily bright pinks and greens or the traditional royal blue (SO boring)
It's the brides day and all attention must float towards her and her wedding outfit.
So, finally I'm very happy with this easy, fluent, bohemian maxi dress ; now I only need to find the perfect shoes and clutch - I'm thinking copper or rosé gold - and the hunt for the perfect hairdresser is still on.

Remember my last post about finding a new hairdresser as my previous hairdresser dissolved into  thin air ?
Well, the one I'v tried last time, messed up my color badly, leaving me looking like a straw haired ginger .. it made me look very pale and drab. Not a good look.
The comments from family and friends close to me all said I needed a hint of chocolate brown to make my blue eyes pop again !
Meanwhile, I've been taking good care of my hair, using masks and light brown color foam to make it look look decent again.

New hairdresser + new appointment April 17th.
Can't wait ; I have good faith in this guy. At least he said all the right things when I made the appointment ; no cut, darker on top, maybe a hint of ombré at the lenghts.
Plus, I understand he actually knows what I'm talking about when I mention 'messy curls' ..

to be continued ..

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