my hair SOOS (straight out of salon)

Yay !
I can't believe today has finally come and has proven to be AWESOME !
After a previous visit to another hair salon in Antwerp, my hair was complete f*cked up and everyone, including myself, hated the gingery color they forced upon me. It didn't do anything for my complexion ; the color made me pale and frumpy.

After that experience, some of you guys know, I was still hunting for that perfect hairdresser who knows what he/she is doing and not gambling with someone's look or hair quality.
And may I say, I have found the guy !

Stijn is fun to be around with ; his tiny salon is quirky as is his style and he knows how color works.
He also understands what 'messy curls' or messy updo means and he's superfast when it comes to blow drying. Love the man for NOT using an ironing device on me .. how I hate this look.
Don't like slick hair, it makes me look ladylike and I hate that.
What's the point in going to the hairdresser and washing your hair again as soon as you're back at home ?
Such a shame.

I made Stijn promise, not to dissappear like my former hairdresser did - I would not survive - so I made all my appointments for June 6th over again and am happy to check another {V} off my to-do list.

Want that same hair too and you live in Belgium or Holland ?

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