Last night, I had THE best meal in weeks since we visited the Jane. To be honest, I even liked these flavors and scents more ! Iranian born Sepideh opened her first wine bar // resto a couple of weeks ago and I was immediately intrigued how Iranian food would delight my taste buds.

Divin isn't a traditional restaurant ; no entrée, main and dessert kind of place .. you can order finger food, a main course and dessert you can share, depending on your appetite.
It all seemed so good on the menu, I wanted to taste it all.
And so we ordered Iranian wraps, pizza and crab to begin with.
As a main dish I choose lamb ; I can't remember eating lamb in such a delightful way. 
Honestly, I guess it was the 1st time someone made me slow cooked lamb like this ; it was heaven.

For dessert I had yoghurt with rose petals, rhubarb and pomegranate.
Most of the times, I'm pretty full and dessert makes me feel bloated but this was SO good, I really could have eaten another one. 
The petals covered in sugar, tasted like pink luxury chips. 

Hungry ? You can book your table at Divin by Sepi here 
Divin by Sepi
Verschansingstraat 5-7
2000 Antwerpen

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