a small impression on last Sunday's STULP event

My BFF Babs and I booked a spot for this event way before COF announced it's Major Closetsale.
We could only hope for dry weather {we got sun} and pray people wouldn't forget us at the Kattendijkdok in Antwerp. The STULP bar and it's surroundings are at a spot where you just have to drive or walk to, it's not on your average hiking path or somewhere in the middle of the city centre.

I feared the COF sale would be our toughest competition but luckily for all of us, this was not the case. People kept coming and actually stayed, strolling around the vintage/pre-loved market, having a drink, a haircut {oh yes} and something to eat. Babs and I had installed our sun loungers, had a nice chat with loads of unknown but sweet people and we even had a little betting game on the items and how quick they would sell ! 

We had a blast ; a friend of mine who actually got into the COF sale, called me around 3PM, the venue appeared abandoned and empty (only packed with disappointed 17y old fashionista's and their racks still filled with an overload of Zara stuff , Kenzo tiger sweaters and other stuff people didn't want to spend even 1€ on) .. So I guess, the gain was on us ! Kerching !

We will definitely do this again, at STULP or GOEGEKREGEN (same thing, different location)
in the near future.

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