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Let me share my favorite blusher for Summer ; "Organza Coral" by &Other Stories !
As I'm not to keen to spend hours on a sun lounger but still wish to have a healthy glow, I'm using this lovely color to 'fake' a sun kissed skin.
Applied on my cheek bones, forehead and chin and a small amount on my nose, it looks like I spent a day or 3 at the French Riviera, without the damaging effect of the sun.

I never over powder my face (makes a 40-something look older instead of healthy) but gently touch up these areas in my face. Then I softly blend it with my fingers for that delicate touch. 

This blusher comes in many tones and if your skin is slightly darker, you might choose 1 hue darker to complement your face. 

Next week, I also will be up for my workshop at MUD.
Hope to inform you all afterwards with some good advice and tricks.
Especially my more mature followers, might get some interesting advice from my adventures from my MUD experience. 

MUD is situated at Kammenstraat in the Antwerp region
Check it out here

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