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My man is THE biggest Paul Smith adept you'll ever meet. I can tell with certitude, he's wearing anything Paul Smith on a daily basis. Suits, shirts, cufflinks, shoes - you name it .. he has got it hanging in his wardrobe.
So, when staff from the Antwerp store shared a little secret Paul himself would come to visit our town, we knew an invite would drop in our mailbox pretty soon. And so it did.

Yesterday, the PS store was crowded with fans, lurkers and party crashers (I noticed at least 2 of those) and of course mr C, bringing his Led Zeppelin scarf along, hoping Mr Smith would sign it to make it even more special and rare .
Only 50 of these scarfs were exclusively made and he got hold of one.

Turned out Paul Smith is adorable and the sweetest guy you'll ever meet ; he even promised - after asking Mr C's email - to send him a picture of Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin) and himself. 
We headed home a bit starstruck but very happy ! 

the most inspirational stairway {to heaven}

amuses ! yes, we had fun too ! 

Sir Paul Smith in person, doing his thing ! 

the scarf became even more special 

Mr C and Mr S - twins ! 

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