Yay ! Friday again. can't wait for the weekend to start. My BFF Babs and I will do a yardsale-gone-big(er) this Sunday. 
STULP vzw organized a vintage & second hand market ; we all have some stuff we need to get rid off and so we cleaned out our closets and garages to attend this nice event May 10th.

For all Antwerp residents, a nice way to spend your Sunday afternoon ; strolling around the Kattendijkdok, have a drink or 2, nice music and maybe pick up a bargain from our stand.

Meanwhile, I saw this beautiful dress hanging at Ba-sh yesterday ; maybe Mr C will be so kind to come along with me and have his say on how I look in it. 
Love the gold embroidery and it's flowy look ; perfect for a Summer evening in Ibiza ! 

ba-sh Olsen dress {what's in a name, I can perfectly see one of the Olsen twins wearing this}

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