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maandag 18 januari 2016

Even though I am still officially a student photographer (another 18 months before I graduate) - I get asked to do shoots such as weddings, kids photography, portrait and my latest assignment, a nude shoot. 

The girl that booked me wanted to surprise her fiancé with this kind of shoot and asked me if I was up for such a particular recording.

Luckily for me the girl is such a beauty and has the most amazing figure I could hardly imaging this would be a hard job to do. 
So we booked a date and I did some research in finding a great spot to set a scene for the job.

Anyways, I found this lovely room in Hotel O in the South of Antwerp, did some research and checked out the place beforehand to see if it was pure and airy, so my model would get all attention and the pictures would not have some attention drawing features like funny furniture or bad wall paper designs and destroy the entire concept of my shoot.

B. was very happy with the result (so was I) and instead of just choosing this one picture she ordered a complete private book (think Selfish but with less pouting and no disturbing comments written next to each image) for her beau.

Might consider to do this kind of shoot more often ; of course it's something you have to overcome as a woman but I'm pretty sure I can handle any kind of situation and portray any kind of figure in the most flattering way.

The picture is pixelated to protect the privacy of my model. For those interested in this kind of shoot, feel free to contact me through my website for more no-obligation info.

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