Sally Hansen nailpolish review

zaterdag 9 januari 2016

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel n° 480 Wine Stock +101 Top Coat

I've tried A LOT of nail polishes before, I admit, so I'm always keen and curious to test yet another label and what it promises to be.

Sally Hansen says it's coatings are gel-a-like, without the use of lamps or light. Only an extra bottle of top coat should do the trick. On top of that {notice the wordplay here .. }, it should increase the nail top volume times 2, so you get the feeling and look of a genuine gel polish, as if it were done at your local salon.

This at-home polish has a nice range colorwise - and the best colors to test are the dark reds or pale pinks. Why ? Because those are the colors I like best and if the brand sucks, these are the ones that give away any imperfectness if that would be the case. 

Stripes, too translucent or patchy colors are things you don't want your nails to look like. In the picture above {no filters used} you can see the result of just one coating + the additional and required top coat to get a first gel-a-like look. Have to admit it rubs on very easily due to the wide brush and dries relatively quickly. 
They look alright ; today I applied an extra coating and now they really start to look like gel nails.

The only test my nails need to endure is how long they will stay put and look impeccable like this. So, lets meet again in about 2 days time, to post another picture and watch the results of my nail polish and see if the polish stood against the bearing of every day life.

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