maandag 25 januari 2016

Always super happy when a new lunch address hits my neighborhood ; read about Copper over the weekend and decided to try it out as it's real close to my home.
Ran some errands first and headed to Copper.
Oh my, was I in for a treat ! 
The interior, the super friendly lady at the counter and it's delights showcased for us to choose.

A good testcase for me is to try a cappuccino ; my belly tells me very quickly if high quality products are used or not. And this is absolutely the case. Also had some roasted butternut squash with rucola, lentils and pomegranate seeds. The lady very kindly offered to serve the squash with lentils as I'm currently on a low carb diet. So breads and quinoa are out of the question !

No dessert but a nice hot fresh ginger tea instead made this meal complete : on top of that, the bill did not break the bank. 
I'm pretty sure a nice and fresh, healthy lunch + drinks under 15€ is a very good deal ! 

Copper recently opened at the Belegstraat and is open or business during weekdays. Follow them via Facebook or even better, their beautiful Instagram account

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