Shoe-spiration ..

zaterdag 30 januari 2016

aka my Instagram pictures with the most likes.
I get likes on whatever I might post on Instagram but I always notice hysteria when I'm posting shoes. My shoes.
I can honestly say I have a sick collection.
My outfits are mostly demure and monochrome but the bling-factor is almost always seen at my feet.

Now new collections start to emerge everywhere in fashionista-land, I'm pretty thrilled and excited to discover my next purchase.
Shoes are for me what wedding dresses are to others ; I really need to feel it's wow-factor and a calling out to me like this :
buy me !
need me ! feel me !

When my hart starts racing and I feel a shoegasm coming up, I know I just have to say Yes to that dress pair of footwear. 

more shoes on marble is the new black 

similar model (less bling) also by giuseppe zanotti

brogues by Eli1957

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