Let's sway, sway through the crowd to an empty space

dinsdag 12 januari 2016

by Mawi 

Still in shock to hear from David Bowie's passing, I literally forgot to post my 'after 2 days-picture' yesterday .. Instead, I did my bookkeeping and listened to David Bowie's music all day long.

Have to admit, the nails did not last and chipped like all my other polishes do.  But I really liked the dark red color and top coat finishing. So I'm not completely disappointed.

Did you guys find some real good sales ? I managed to get the DEALER bag by Mawi as seen above in the picture and I'm SO happy with it.
It's a real tongue-in-cheek accessory and an icebreaker too ; people smile and prevent me from walking by - they want to chat and admire the bag !! It's like you walk with a puppy dog in the street ; everyone wants to snog my bag ! Haha. 

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