dinsdag 15 maart 2016

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As you might know by now (or not, so welcome to new followers) I'm a student in art school and more specific, photography school. On Mondays I work indoors and in studio, learning and working on my photography skills concerning product reproduction and exposing structure and materials in it's most favourable way.

Yesterday my 'material' was paper ; took me a while to finally find something nice and attractive to render and display it's structure apparent and clear.

I remembered this mini-bag from Hermès a couple of years ago online, giving everyone the opportunity to make it's own little Kelly bag. Did some research to find it again et voilà .. here it was .. the cutest template I've ever seen.
Trying to make it with some ordinary paper first so I would be sure it was easily crafted in this handmade rugged kind of paper too.

Have to admit, even my teacher was pretty impressed by my crafting skills and patience to make something tiny like this and so I began displaying it with my elements and lights in studio.
I think I might say I used some magic here as I am very happy with these first results of my floating DIY Kelly bag !

Maybe I still need to adjust my color management but I'm pretty pleased so far as the colors are true to reality.

Stay tuned for my next assignment ; this will be something extra special including high heels, a pigs heart and some fake blood !

items used in this shoot

rugged handmade paper found at Lucas
structured aquarel paper found at Pipoos
white backdrop paper found at Grobet 

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