Trying out my new gear

woensdag 30 maart 2016

trying out my new camera + 24-70 mm lens in town

A week ago, I switched from a SLR camera to Full Frame. I have to admit, I was intimidated for a long time by these type of cameras but as it happens, there was no need to be. 
As soon as I got my D810 out of it's box, I began to read the manual carefully, turning on all my personal settings as I would have done as if it was a SLR camera. 
In less than an hour, I was shoot ready and extremely happy I worked this out myself. 
Since then, I've taken the camera on many test shoots around my hometown of Antwerp and experiencing my newest* lens the the fullest.

Already worked with a 50mm 1.4 and 16-35mm 4 on my former camera : always had in mind they would be perfectly compatible with a full frame camera too in case I wanted to switch.
For me, it seems like these lenses had been eagerly waiting for the D810 to come home ; everything feels right. The camera, the lenses I just mentioned and how they work with the Nikon body ; on top of that, my latest lens is the raiser sharp shooting *24-70 mm 2.8  to make my work gear complete.

This upcoming weekend, it will show me what it has got in store as I will attend a full day + evening of a wedding and me starring as main photographer. I have faith in it and the results ; I guess I've never been more prepared for this day. 
I've been submerging myself into wedding photography for almost 2 full weeks, looking at all my favorite wedding photographers around the world.
It's an insane job to do ; I'm not sure yet if this will ever be my devotion in life, I can't really tell.
If I hate it - because it's quite stressful - I'll vow to myself to never ever do this again or perhaps, who knows, I might even enjoy it and will launch myself into a full on wedding photographer.
Chances are, if the pics turn out to be fantastic, future brides & grooms might contact me after seeing the pictures I will make this Saturday.

Oh well, let's not stress too much !
We'll see how it turns out.

Nikon D810 body was purchased at Grobet, Antwerp

loving the sharpness and fastness of my new camera

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